-20GUILDERS (2007-)
Suzuki Junzo/TABATA Mitsuru

Pics by Takeshi Minemoto

New Songs&
Wrong Songs For Patricia

(Gulden Muziek/2011)


20 Guilders


Wrong Songs For
(Sloow Tapes/2009)


2nd EP


1st EP
20 Guilders

Join 3songs
Twist 3


Tabata Mitsuru:Vocal,Guitar,Aerophonics
Suzuki Junzo:Vocal,Guitar,Hydrophonics

Well-known Tokyo troublemaker/scenesters Suzuki Junzo and Tabata Mitsuru have gotten together and created a dream-psych-folk duo called, for some reason, 20 Guilders. Based on simple guitar and folk, the songs are most often on the calm side, though with the occasional burst of fuzz breaking through.
Junzo will be known for his solo work ? which this is very akin to ? and his recent membership in the New Miminokoto. His adept guitar work and emotional vocals fit right into this format. Tabata, perhaps best-known for his roles in Zeni Geva and Acid Mothers Temple, may surprise listeners with his heartfelt singing and gentle playing here. His gEnbanh is a simple strum with background lead guitar and soulful singing. (Mason Jones)





On feb, did a First Gig as Tabata/Suzuki Duo.
On June, named thier unit name '20 Guilders' and did Second Gig.
After a while, issued 1st Self-titled EP from the recordings of these 2 gigs.
On Nov, Issued 1st Self-Titled EP '20 Guilders' and toured west jpn.

did many Gigs around Tokyo and get drunk and psyched.
On Nov, started demo recordings of 2nd EP 'Patricia'.

On Jan, Issued second EP 'Patricia' and Toured Kyoto-Himeji-Kobe-Osaka-Nagoya.
did many gigs around Tokyo and get drunked and Psyched.
On July, Joined Enban Janboree, Festival organaized by shop called ENBAN.
On Oct, Issued Live Compilation Cassete 'Wrong Songs For patricia' from Belgium Cassette label 'Sloow Tapes'. 70copies, Sold out.
On Nov, Started Recordings for 1st full Studi recording Album at Atelier Himawari.

did many gigs around tokyo and Get Drunked And Psyched.
on Feb, joined 3 songs for Compilation called 'Four-Dimentions Twist 3' curated and issued by Konishi Hisakazu (jugz).
On July, Joined Enban Janboree again, This time's Janboree, 'Tabata Mitsuru Festival'. Tabata did 7 bands a day.
On Nov, Issuued 1st-Full Length Album '20 Guilders' from Gyuune Cassette, Osaka, JPN. did a band set with Suhara Keizo (owner of Gyuune Cassette) on Bass, Yamazaki Iwao (ex.Overhang party) on drums, guest Joined by TOMO on Hurdy Gurdy, Nishioka Yumiko on Chorus.
Toured Nagoya-Hikone-Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe-Kochi-Tokyo for celebrating this release. in Osaka and Tokyo, Did full-band set gig joined by Suhara/Yamazaki.
On Dec, did 1st-ONE-MAN Show (headliner show) at Enban,Koenji/Tokyo. did 2set, 1st set is cover songs that we used to play, 2nd set is Original Songs.

Did Many gigs around Tokyo and Get psyched.
On May, Organaized own label called 'Gulden Muziek' and Issued 1st CD album 'New Songs And Wrong Songs For patricia'. re-issued 'Wrong Songs For Patricia' added 3 new songs.
Toured West JPN/Kyusyu, Kobe-Okayama-Hiroshima-Yamaguchi-Fukuoka-Kokura-Kumamoto-Oita-Fukuoka for Celebrating the re-isuuing of 'New...' and promoting 1st album '20 Guilders' putting out 2010.




also you can check the detail here

New Songs & Wrong Songs For Patricia (Gulden Muziek/JPN/CD) 2011
20 Guilders (Gyuune Cassette/JPN/CD) 2010

Wrong Songs For Patricia (Sloow tapes/BEL/Cassette) 2009
Patricia (-/JPN/CDR) 2008
20 Guilders (-/JPN/CDR) 2007

Four Dimentuons Twist 3 (Lowman/JPN/CD) 2010

Another Ambient Sides Of 20 GUILDERS by 20 GUILDERS
ENBAN at Cafe & Dish EASE Himeji Hyougo on JAN 13 2009

Except Emanuel at EARTHDOM Shin Okubo TOKYO on Feb 09 2009



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