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Tzitziki - Tzitziki (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik/ekn03/JPN/CD/2008)

-1995 Mandara II
1.Machikane [6:52]
2.Takehana(Yasen-No-Tsuki Soundtrack)[3:38]
3.Toumei [5:52]
4.Toumei/Shimendou [7:55]
-1996 Mandara II
5.Shimendou [7:01]
6.Yuuyake no sora niha [2:33]
7.take-odori(Yasen-No-Tsuki Soundtrack)[6:21]
8.Tsuki ni Mure-Gumo [5:32]
9.Toumei [4:30]
10.Nakasugi-Dori no Hanko-Yasan [6:08]
11.Umi Ga Mietara [6:05]
12.Nakasugi-Dori no Hanko-YasanU [10:25]

Takuya Nishimura (Miminokoto, Che-SHIZU, Maher Sharal Hash Baz, : Bass, Composition
Yoshio Kuge (Pungo, A-Muzik, Les Rallizes denudes, Compostera) : Drums
Kanji Nakao (Compostera, NRQ, Maher Sharal Hash Baz, Umezu Kazutoki Band etc): Saxophone
Tori Kudo (Maher Sharal Hash Baz, Che-SHIZU, NOISE etc): Piano

Tracks 1 to 4 recorded during 1995 at Manda-La II, Kichijoji, Tokyo. Tracks 5 to 12 during 1996 at the same venue.
Limited (first) edition of 500.

Release Date jan 2008
URL: http://www.yamimimi.com/

Legendary Works of Miminokoto's Bassist Takuya Nishimura. Bassist of Che-SHIZU, Maher Sharal Hash baz etc. you can listen his beautiful composing and strange soundscape of japanese/Tokyo underground from late 70's to now. Beautiful paper sleeve with numbered. limited 500copies.

Numbered edition of 500 copies in hand-stitched embossed art paper sleeves from Ikuro Takahashi's (Fushitsusha/Kousokuya et al) own private press. This is another major archival release from the vaults of the Japanese underground, documenting a group led by Tori Kudo (Maher Shalal Hash Baz/Noise/Guys ‘n' Dolls et al) on piano and featuring Kanji Nakao (Compostera) on saxophone, Yoshi Kuge (Compostera) on drums and Takuya Nishimura (Che-SHIZU) on bass. This is the closest that Tori has ever come to cutting a free jazz album, though it's inevitably a couple of sails more skewed than a simple investigation of the elasticity of genre. Nakao is a fantastic player, now a model of control, now barking through the low register like a headier Sonny Rollins and Tori pushes him the whole way, pursuing ideas with big barracking chords and dancing around the themes with ploy-rhythmic re-statements. There's a nice, dusty feel to the recording, a time machine aspect that seems to lend it an extra layer of poignancy while the tough/tender interaction perfectly captures that sublime happy/sad feel of all of the best Maher/Tori sides. Two concerts are included, one from 1995 and another from 1996. Many fantastic hitherto-unknown releases appearing from the mists of the Tokyo underground of late and this is another highly recommended installment. (David Keenan of Volcanic Tongue)

-MIMINOKOTO (including nishimura's Biography)
URL: http://miminokoto.com/
-Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
URL: http://www.yamimimi.com/




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