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SUZUKI JUNZO-November 10 2001 (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR/2002)

2.Kizuku Hazu
3.Kaze Ga
4.Desert Peace
5.Sore kurai no
6.Te Wo Furu You-Hikari No Kagen
Sold Out

Suzuki Junzo:Electric Guitar/Voice

Recorded November 10 2001
at Penguin House Koenji TOKYO

Release Date August 26 2002


Suzuki Junzo's Early solo Document. he sings and wails the new kind of acid country song with improv.


solo album from this excellent Tokyo-based Japanese underground guitarist/vocalist. Junzo's name might ring some bells via his various collaborative projects with Hiroshi Hasegawa of CCCC as part of Astro and Astral Travelling Unit, Mitsuru Tabata of Zeni Geva as part of 20 Guilders and Makoto Kawabata of Acid Mothers Temple as well as his membership of key psych units Overhang Party and Miminokoto. This disc features his "country blues/folk oriented music with improvisation with ACID feeling" recorded live at Penguin House, Koenji, Tokyo November 10th 2001. Some of the convulsive six-string punctuation touches on the ferocious folk-poetry of Kan Mikami but there's also a ton of exquisitely dilated space which Junzo navigates with endless interlocked webs of chiming six-string guitar that's the equal of Christina Carter or Hisato Higuchi. His vocals touch on the more quizzical, breathy style of Keiji Haino and the tracks feel like they plot the vaguest contours of folk-blues logic before piloting deeper into increasingly unanchored explorations of single notes and sudden machine gun retorts isolated in dark, black space.
(Volcanic Toungue Scotland UK)

that features Junzo on electric guitar front and centre. The 26 minute live session tends to mine the blues territory with Junzo providing slabs of some really trodden vocals [all in Japanese]. When he turns intensity down a few notches as he does on the second track, the music takes on a pensive character. The chords are intricate, delicate and even come with a tinge of the lovely. When he wails, he wails with pain and when he strums the strings, you can feel his heart beating loudly on his sleeve. For honesty alone, he gets top marks for this album. Here's hoping there'll be many more to come in the future.
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Tokyo-based guitarist Suzuki Junzo isn't a very well-known name yet here in the U.S., but I'd hope that's on the verge of changing. Through his own Plunk's Plan label he's self-released a number of CDRs. That includes the November.10.2001 album, which I got from him earlier this year. Recorded live at Tokyo's Penguin House, it's a deep, cavernous journey through damaged blues and stark emotional territory that certainly brings to mind folks like Loren Mazzacane Connors among others. It's a man alone with his voice and his guitar, working things out in sound for himself and his audience.

Suzuki has collaborated with a wide range of other musicians and bands, including Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mother's Temple), Overhang Party, Mitsuru Tabata (Zeni Geva, Amazon Saliva), Koji Shimura (Miminokoto, Acid Mother's Temple, etc), Astral Travelling Unity, Nasca Car, and more. In March I got a copy of the amazing Astro & Suzuki Junzo Cosmic Blues Experience CD, packaged in a gorgeous DVD case with entirely psychedelic cover art. Recorded toward the end of 2006, the CD is three long tracks of utterly brain-swelling psychedelic drone and churn, fantastic stuff and highly recommended.
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