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MIMINOKOTO - OTOMEJIMA NO OTOME (Plunk's plan-Blackest Rainbow/JP-UK/PPCD010-BRR302/2015)-2000 JPY

SUZUKI JUNZO - 7 (plunk's plan-Nod & Smile/JP-US/PPCD009-MVD6022LP/2014)-2000 yen
MIMINOKOTO - USOBUE (plunk's plan-8MM/JP-IT/PPCD008-8MM053/2014)-2000 yen

Suzuki Junzo - Portrait of Madeleine Elster

(Utech Records/US/URCD084/2013) - 2000 yen
Suzuki Junzo - SINGS II (Nod & Smile Records/US/CD-LP/2013)
- 2000/2500 yen
Miminokoto - Live at Penguin House in Tokyo 2013 (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR) - 1000 yen

Suzuki Junzo / Awake In The Wuthering Heights - Live In Hebden Bridge And Others (Spaltung/GER/spalt3/CDR/2012/LTD100) - 1500 yen
(plunk's plan/JPN/CD) - 2000 yen
Takeyari Shunta - Place Doesn't Exist (plunk's plan/JPN/CD) - 2000 yen

Suzuki Junzo - Ode to a Blue Ghost (Utech Records/US/CD) - 2000 yen
Miminokoto-Live Performances 2012+1 (-/JPN/CDR) -1000 yen

Ushioda Yuichi / 8songs (plunk's plan/JPN/CD)-1500 yen
SUZUKI JUNZO / SINGS! (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR)-1000yen
MIMINOKOTO / Hitoyogiri (Important Records/US/CD)-2000 yen
20 Guilders / New & Wrong Songs For Patricia (Gulden Muziek/JPN/CD)-2000 yen
Ushioda Yuichi / Between The Strings (plunk's plan/JPN/CD)-2000 yen
MIMINOKOTO / Morning Dew, Earth Droplets (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR)-1000 yen

-20 GUILDERS / 20 GUILDERS (guune casstte/JPN/CD)-2100 yen
-Suzuki Junzo/Buried Sky, Spider Torn to pieces
(plunk's plan/JPN/CD)-2000 yen
Miminokoto/Chofu Ekoda Koenji (plunk's plan/JPN/CD)-2000 yen
V.A./Four Dimentions Twist Part.3 (Lowman/JPN/CD)-1500 yen
Miminokoto/All About Mimi (PSF/JPN/CD)-2300 yen
Pouring High Water/Bring Me The Head of Peg legged Antonio (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR)-1000 yen
V.A./Jesus Is A Dying Bed maker (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR)-1000 yen

V.A./Four Dimentions Twist Prat.2
(Roman/JPN/CD)-1500 yen
-Miminokoto-Live Performances 2007 (-/JPN/CDR) -1000 yen
-Suzuki Junzo-pieces from hidden circles (Utech Records/US/arc8/CD) -2000 yen
-Suzuki Junzo-November 10 2001(plunk's plan CDR 001) -1000 yen
-20GUILDERS-s.t.(-/JPN/CDR) -1000 yen
-ASTRO+Suzuki Junzo-Cosmic Blues Experience (plunk's plan CD 001) -1500 yen

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● Solo release!

junzo7front7th Solo Album

(CD:plunk's plan/
LP:Nod & Smile/JP-US/2014)


6th Solo Album
"Portrait of
Madeleine Elster "
(Utech Records/US/CD/2013)

5th Solo Album
"Sings II"
(Nod & Smile Records/US/CD-LP/2013)


"Awake In The Wuthering Heights "

4th Solo Album
"Eight-Sided Infinity "


2nd Solo Album
ode to a blue ghost Re-ISSUED


3rd Solo Album
Buried Sky, Spider Torn to Pieces


2nd Solo Album
ode to a blue ghost


1st Solo Album
Pieces For Hidden Circles

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--Full length
Shark-Infested Castard (plunk's plan/Nod and Smile/PPCD011-MVDLP8216/2016)>>>DETAIL
If I Die Before I Wake (WasIstDas/Was10/Cassette/2015)>>DETAIL
Seven (plunk's plan-Nod & Smile/PPCD009-MVD6022LP/CD-LP/2014)>>DETAIL
Portrait of Madeleine Elster (Utech Records/URCD084/CD/US) 2013>>DETAIL

SINGS II (Nod & Smile Records/MVD5918CD-MVD5921LP/CD-LP/US) 2013>>DETAIL

Eight-Sided Infinity (plunk's plan/PPCD007/CD/JPN) 2012>>DETAIL

Ode To A Blue Ghost (Re-Issue) (Utech Records/URCD068/US/CD)>>>DETAIL

Buried Sky, Spider Torn to Pieces (plunk's plan/CD003/CD) 2010>>DETAIL

Pieces For Hidden Circles (Utech /ARC 08/US/CD) 2007 >>DETAIL

Awake In The Wuthering Heights (Spaltung/GER/spalt3/CDR) 2012 >>>DETAIL

SINGS! (plunk's plan CDR 008/JPN/CDR) 2011 >>>DETAIL deleted

Ode To A Blue Ghost (plunk's plan/PPCDR004/CDR/Limited50) 2009>>DETAIL

November 10 2001 (plunk's plan CDR 001/JPN/CDR) 2002 >>>DETAIL deleted

-- Compilations
V.A./Jesus Is A Dying Bed maker (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR) 2010>>>DETAIL

V.A./Guitar Hero Japan (WFMU/JPN/CDR) 2009

V.A./Four Dimentions Twist Prat.2 (Roman/JPN/CD) 2008 NEW!>>>DETAIL

V.A./Four Dimentions Twist (Roman/JPN/CD) 2005 deleted

>>roman records-gihu's strange psychedelic band called "jugz" own label

V.A./Night Gallery 3 (Alchemy/JPN/CD) 2005

V.A./etecetera (Bird Palor Records/JPN/2CDR) 2005

Otomejima No Otome (plunk's plan-Blackest Rainbow/PPCD010-BRR302/CD-LP) 2015>>>DETAIL

Usobue (plunk's plan-8MM/PPCD008-8MM053/CD-LP) 2014 >>>DETAIL

Hitoyogiri (Important Records/IMPREC338/CD) 2011>DETAIL

Chofu Ekoda Koenji (plunk's plan/PPCD002/CD) 2010>>>DETAIL

All About Mimi (PSF/PSFD186/CD) 2009>>>DETAIL

Live at Penguin House in Tokyo 2013 (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR) 2013>>>DETAIL

Live Performance 2012+1 (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR) 2012>>>DETAIL

Morning Dew, Earth Droplets (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR) 2011 >>>DETAIL deleted

Live Performances 2009 (-/JPN/CDR) 2009 >>>DETAIL deleted

Live Performances 2007 (-/JPN/CDR) 2008 >>>DETAIL deleted

It Will Be New Miminokoto (-/JPN/CDR) 2007 >>>DETAIL deleted


-20 Guilders
New Songs & Wrong Songs For Patricia (Gulden Muziek/SGM0001/JPN/CD) 2011 >>>DETAIL

20 GUILDERS (Gyuune Cassette/CD9548/JPN/CD) >>DETAIL

Wrong Songs For Patricia (Sloow Tapes/BEL/Cassette C46) 2009 deleted >>DETAIL

Patricia (-/JPN/CDR) 2009 >>DETAIL

20 Guilders (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR) 2007 >>DETAIL


-Ushioda Yuichi
8 songs (plunk's plan/CD/JPN/CD/2011) >>>DETAIL

Between The Strings (plunk's plan/CD/JPN/CD/2011) >>>DETAIL

-Takeyari Shunta
a Place Doesn't Exist (plunk's plan/CD/JPN/2012) >>>DETAIL

-Pouring High Water
Bring Me The Head Of Peg Legged Antonio (plunk's plan/CDR/JPN/120ltd) >>>DETAIL deleted


-Nasca Car
Live At Earthdom (-/CDR/JPN) 2006 deleted


Astral Travelling Unity/Studio & Live (aRCHIVE 027/US/CD) 2006

Reviewed By Keith Boyd on Blog San Diego
Reviewed By Mason Jones on Ongaku Blog

Astro+Suzuki Junzo/Cosmic Blues Experience(plunk's plan CD001/JPN/CD) 2006 >>>DETAIL

Overhang Party/Live Before & After (There/Musik Atlach TRCD-MA002-003/JPN/2CD) 2006

Suzuki Junzo+KANAMI suzuki/Tulsa (plunk's plan CDR 003)
2005 deleted

Suzuki-Nagakubo-Morohashi-『August 15 2002』 [plunk's plan CDR 002]
2002 deleted
V.A./Twenty Years One Second (WFMU-Janitor Of Mars/US/CDR] 2004 deleted *Suzuki Nagakubo Morohashi


*Suzuki Junzo-SEVEN (plunk's plan-Nod & Smile/PPCD009-MVD6022LP/CD-LP)
*Miminokoto-Usobue (plunk's plan-8MM/PPCD008-8MM053/CD-LP)

*20 GUILDERS-Split with WE HAVE HEAVEN (Nod & Smile Records/MVD5912LP/LP)
*Suzuki Junzo-Portrait of Madeleine Elster (Utech Records/URCD084/CD)
*Suzuki Junzo-Sings! II (Nod & Smile Records/MVD5918cd-5921LP/LP-CD)
*Nasca Car-Newest Recordings (Nasca Car Recordings/NCR-01/CD)
*Miminokoto-Live at Penguin House in Tokyo 2013 (plunk's plan/ppcdr010/CDR)

*Suzuki Junzo-Awake In The Wuthering Heights (Spaltung/GER/spalt3/CDR)
*Suzuki Junzo-Eight-Sided Infinity (plunk's plan/PPCD007/JPN/CD)
*Suzuki Junzo-Ode to a Blue Ghost (Utech Records/URCD068/US/CD)
*Miminokoto-Live Performance 2012+1 (plunk's plan/ppcdr009/CDR)

*Suzuki Junzo-SINGS! (plunk's plan/ppcdr08/JPN/CDR)
*Miminokoto-Hitoyogiri (Important Records/Imprec328/US/CD)
*20 Guilders-New & Wrong Songs For Patricia (Gulden Muziek/GSM0001/JPN/CD)
*Miminokot-Morning Dew,Earth Droplets (plunk's plan/ppcdr07/JPN/CDR)

*20 GUILDERS-20 Guilders (Gyuune Cassette/CD9548/JPN/CD)
*Suzuki junzo-Buried Sky. Spider torn to pieces (plunk's plan/PPCD003/JPN/CD)
*Miminokoto-Chofu Ekoda Koenji (plunk's plan/PPCD002/JPN/CD)
*V.A.-Four Dimentions Twist 3 (Lowman/JPN/CD)
*Pouring High Water-Bring me The Head Of Peg Legged Antonio (plunk's plan/PPCDR06/CDR)
*V.A.-Jesus Is A Dying Bed maker (plunk's plan/CDR/JPN)

*20 Guilders-Wrong Songs For Patricia (Sloow Tapes/BEL/Cassette C46) sold out
*Suzuki Junzo-Ode To A Blue Ghost (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR Limited 50copies) sold out
*Miminokoto-live performance 2009 (-/JPN/CDR Limited 50copies) sold out
*Miminokoto-All About Mimi (PSF/JPN/CD)
*V.A/Guitar Hero Japan (WFMU/US/CDR) deleted
*20 Guilders-Patricia (-/CDR/JPN)

*V.A-Four-Dimensions Twist[CD/Roman Records/RR-C 106/JPN]
*Miminokoto-Live Performances 2007 (-/JPN/CDR)

*Suzuki Junzo-piecs for hidden circles(Utech records/CD/US)
*Suzuki Junzo + Koji Shimura-It Will Be New Miminokoto[-CDR Limited 50copies/JPN] sold out
*Nasca Car-Live At EARTHDOM[-CDR Limited 50copies/JPN] sold out

*Astral Traveling Unity-Studio & Live[CD/aRCHIVE CD 027/US]
*ASTRO & suzukijunzo-Cosmic Blues Experience[plunk's plan CD 001/JPN]
*OVERHANG PARTY-Live Before & After[There/Musik Atlach TRCD-MA002-003/JPN]
*V.A-Four-Dimensions Twist[Roman Records RR-C 104/JPN] sold out

*Suzuki Junzo + Kanami Suzuki-Tulsa[plunk's plan CDR 003] sold out
*V.A-Et Cetera[Bird Palor Records 2CDR]
*V.A-Night Gallery-21st Century Psycho Out [Alchemy Records ARCD164]


*suzuki-nagakubo-morohashi V.A-Twenty Years One Second[WFMU-Janitor Of MarsCDR] - not for sale


*Suzuki Junzo-November 09 2001[plunk's plan CDR 001]
*suzuki/nagakubo/morohashi-August 15 2002 [plunk's plan CDR 002]


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