Suzuki Junzo/TOMO/a'qui avec Gabriel/Fumihito Taguchi

PHW at Acid mothers temple Controll Room Pics by Makoto Kawabata

● Solo release! ●

Bring Me The Head
Of peg legged Antonio
(plunk's plan/2010)


TOMO : Hurdy Gurdy
a'qui avec Gabriel : accordion
Fumihito Taguchi : FEEDBACK GLASS
Suzuki Junzo : Electric Guitar

New psychedelic drone unit, "Pouring High Water" is formed by TOMO who is known as the Leader of Drone/Psychedelic Unit in tokyo called Tetragrammaton. and Suzuki Junzo who is known as vocalist and guitarist of "Miminokoto" (released new album from PSF), "20 guilders", and an acid folk soloist in Tokyo's underground scene. The track contains over 35 minutes electro-acoustic drone tune featuring a'qui avec Gabriel as a guest accordionist. After releaseing their 1st EP 'Bring me the head of peg legged antonio', a' qui avec Gabriel and Fumihito Taguchi (Owner of Koenji Venue 'ENBAN', aka Owner of OZ DISK) join us and Taguchi Reflects light through some glassses on rolling turntable , we call 'FEEDBACK GLASS'.


・Suzuki Junzo & TOMO formed Psychedelic Drone Duo 'Pouring High Water'. Named by the great Inspirations from Charly Patton.

・Pouring High Water & a' qui avec gabriel Toured Nagoya/Ktoto/Kobe, in Nagoya PHW was joined by Hiroshi Higashi on Synthi, in Kobe, was joined by Makoto kawabata on Guitar/Taisho-Goto.
plunk's plan Issued Pouring High Water's 1st EP 'Bring me the head of pegg legged Antonio'.
・After The Tour, a' qui avec Gabriel (Who joined our 1st EP as a guest player) and Fumihito Taguchi Join PHW. from now, PHW is activate as Quartet.
・on Aug, they plan to do the recording session for thier 1st full length from plunk's plan.

also you can check the detail here

Bring Me the Head Of Pegg Legged Antonio(plunk's plan/PPCDR006/CDR-ltd120) 2010

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