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スズキジュンゾ-埋める空千切れる蜘蛛 (plunk's plan/JPN/PPCD003/CD)

9.1×8 4月


数 量

スズキジュンゾ : Electric Guitar (Gibson Electric Spanish 335), Vox

高橋幾郎 : Drums (Track 2,4,6,9)
リチャードホーナー : Mesi Monstersynths, Persephone MKI (Track 3)

all songs/lyrics by スズキジュンゾ
Recording and mix by リチャードホーナー at Black Snow Flake Sound, Sapporo 2008-2010

photographs by
Front/Back : 潮田雄一, Inner : Maeda Takeshi
Artwork by スズキジュンゾ

produced by スズキジュンゾ

Release Date August 11 2010

Junzo's 2nd Full Length CD 'Buried Sky, Spider Torn to Pieces' out in
August 11 2010 !! Nine tracks includes, Over 50 minutes' High Flying !
Suzuki plays and sings (two songs) broken minimal/ghost blues joined by
Ikuro Takahashi (LSD March/Kosokuya ex. Fushitsusha, High Rise etc).
...Recorded at Richard Horner's Black Snow Flake Sound in Sapporo.


New solo album from the leader of the re-born Miminokoto with a more zoned folk/space vibe than the garage punk style of his group. Buried Sky... features ex-Fushitsusha/Kousokuya drummer Ikuro Takahashi on several tracks, cutting through voids of drone and F/X with martial explosions and starlight percussion in a way that touches on the horizontal take-off style of prime Tsurubami with added black monk throat-gargling and Mazzacane style moan giving it a devotional sky-kissing appeal that is pure bliss. Also features Richard Horneri on synths for one track. On Junzo's own label. Recommended. (By David Keenan on Volcanic Tongue)

Japanese guitar explorer, Song-writer and Acid Mothers Temple Associate Suzuki Junzo's latest Album explores many styles and moods. It begins with the gentle 'Anastasia' with its rustic electric guitar sound, However, this is followed by the smoke and thunder of 'In through the yellow clouds'. All drum rolls. ommious guitar soloing and buzzing bass for dramatic music. Black Pendulum comes on like Con or Eno doing a spy movie soundtrack.It is sparse, subtle, motorik and edgy. Flea's trance and Is anybody out> both see Junzo kicking against rocks rule book, The first is a bizzarre, free guitar waltz, The second is a strange wlking blues session. The title song is a slow, steady song-lead piece with some blistling guita playing. Showcasing the fact that Junzo can solo with the best of them but only does it when the song needs it. Them two love each other madly is a brief dark twangy guitar piece like Duane Eddy playing SunO))). This gives way to the eleven minutes slab of headfeck that is ' Assassination Of Blind Joe Reynolds' Here the guitar intro to Can's you doo right meets the epic space and time of the start of Leare's Once Upon A Time In The West.' A brain-bending drone track. It all ends with chimes plaintive notes and a meditative lament called '1×8 April'.
(By Ned on Was Ist Das)

at Black Snow Flake Sound

-Release party-

Sep 30 2010 Thu

@ Enban KOENJI, TOKYO (03-5306-2937)
Suzuki Junzo

w/ Akiyama Tetuzi, Jon the Dog
19:00- // charge 1500 yen (incl.1drink)



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