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Takeyari Shunta - Place Doesn't Exist (plunk's plan/JPN/PPCD006/CD/2012)

1. a Missing Girl
2. Amber
3. Moonshine
4. Edge of the Dream
5. Shadow of the Sky
6. Silence
7. Castaway
8. Woman in a Blue Dress
9. Song for the Green Field
10. I Want to Talk with You

CD-15.00 USD

Takeyari Shunta: Acoustic GuitarAVocal
all songs/lyrics by Takeyari Shunta
Recording and mix by Yamazaki Iwao at Atelier Himawari June 2012
produced by Suzuki Junzo

Release Date Aug 10 2012

Young Talented Japanese Singer/Fingerpicker Shunta Takeyari's 1st Studio Recording Album produced by SUZUKI JUNZO. He reminds me of a late great tradition of Finger picking Style Maestro like Bert Jansch, Nic Jones. Highly Recommende for the fan of these and Nick Drake's Pink moon or Bridget St. John's Ask Me No Qustion. and also fit to the fans of recent psych/freak folk. 4P gatefold card sleeve.






Aug.11.2012 @ Cafe Moku, Hikone/SHIGA w/Sanmashimesaba (His Leader band with Female Vocal & Glockenspiel)
Aug.12.2012 @ Helluva Lounge, Kobe/HYOGO w/MIMINOKOTO
AUG.13.2012 @ Musica Japonica, Umeda/OSAKA w/MIMINOKOTO, KAWABATA MAKOTO
Aug.14.2012 @ Chaotic Noise, Kochi/KOCHI
Aug.15.2012 @ Crazy Mama Studio, Okayama/Okayama
Aug.25.2012 @ Penguin House, Koenji/TOKYO w/Kitamura Makoto
Sep.16.2012 @ Enban, Koenji/Tokyo c/w 20 GUILDERS, Ushioda Yuichi
Sep.17.2012 @ Penguin House, Koenji/TOKYO c/w MIMINOKOTO, Tabata Mitsuru + Morikawa Seiichiro, Saitto Elettrico.

Sanmashimesaba Myspace http://www.myspace.com/sanmasimesaba
WEBLOG http://sanmasimesaba.seesaa.net/

Helluva Lounge http://helluva.jp/lounge/
Hythm Record @http://www.hythm-record.com/

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