Suzuki Junzo @ Amplifest, Porto. October 2011. by Maria Louceiro

● Solo release! ●

'Shark-Infested Castard'
(CD:plunk's plan/
LP:Nod & Smile/JP-US/2014)




(CD:plunk's plan/
LP:Nod & Smile/JP-US/2014)


"Portrait of
Madeleine Elster "
(Utech Records/US/CD/2013)

"Sings II"
(Nod & Smile Records/US/CD-LP/2013)


"Awake In The Wuthering Heights "

"Eight-Sided Infinity"

"Ode To A Blue Ghost "
(Utech Records/


(plunk's plan/


3rd Solo Album
Buried Sky, Spider Torn to Pieces


2nd Solo Album
ode to a blue ghost


1st Solo Album
Pieces For Hidden Circles


plunk's plan











Guitarist/Vocalist based in Tokyo/Japan





(Duo with Mitsuru Tabata from Zani Geva/AMT/LBM)


You can full-Streamning or Digital Doownload of Junzo's Solo Studion Albums.



2013:Portrait of madeleine elster

2012:Ode to a Blue Ghost
SUZUKI JUNZO @ NOW THAT'S CLASS, Cleveland/OH. Nov10,2014
Recent years, Japanese psychedelic troubadour Suzuki Junzo focused and stripped down with A 21st century drone/space electric-blues albums from UTECH RECORDS/NOD AND SMILE RECORDS and toured over US/EU/UK. Crystalline guitar passages soaked in reverb and distorted sadness. Junzo's recent Solo Albums are joined by Ikuro Takahashi of LSD March, Kousokuya and ex-drummer of Fushitsusha and High Rise and engineerd by Richard Horner at Black Snow Flake Sound in Sapporo/Hookaido.

Japan seems to instill in its underground artists a sense of restlessness, consciously or unconsciously urging them to be as prolific and versatile as possible. Suzuki Junzo has certainly heeded the call over the course of his career. The guitarist is a member of at least four bands and has recorded with fellow eager spirits like Acid Mothers Temple leader Kawabata Makoto. Great as all that work is, I prefer it when Junzo's on his own, improvising cosmic psych-blues that feels akin to the wandering spirit of local hero Michael Hurley. Junzo arrives in town on the heels of a new album, simply titled 7, which finds him scraping and petting the strings of his guitar to coax out sounds both soothing and jarring. (ROBERT HAM of Portland Mercury,US)

Japanese guitarist/vocalist Suzuki Junzo is perhaps best known for his involvement in the underground psych bands Overhang Party and Miminokoto. His solo music is stripped down form of Space-Psyche blues and improvisation that recalls Loren Connors and his fellow countryman Hisato Higuchi. (Creative Music in DC)

“Some of [Suzuki's] convulsive six-string punctuation touches on the ferocious folk-poetry of Kan Mikami but there’s also a ton of exquisitely dilated space which Junzo navigates with endless interlocked webs of chiming six-string guitar that’s the equal of Christina Carter or Hisato Higuchi. His vocals touch on the more quizzical, breathy style of Keiji Haino and the tracks feel like they plot the vaguest contours of folk-blues logic before piloting deeper into increasingly unanchored explorations of single notes and sudden machine gun retorts isolated in dark, black space.” (DAVID KEENAN, Volcanic Tongue,Scotland)

also you can check the detail here

-Suzuki Junzo
Shark-Infested Castard (Nod & Smile-Plunk's Plan/US-JP/LP-CD/2016)
If I Die Before I Wake (WasIstDas/UK/Cassette/2015)
7 (Nod & Smile-Plunk's Plan/US-JP/LP-CD/2014)
Portrait of Madeleine Elster (Utech Records/US/CD/2013)
Sings II (Nod & Smile Records/US/CD-LP/2013)
Eight-Sided Infinity (plunk's plan/PPCD007/JPN/CD) 2012
Ode to a Blue Ghost (Re/Utech Records/URCD068/US/CD) 2012
Buried Sky, Spider Torn to Pieces (plunk's plan/PPCD002/CD/JPN) 2010
Pieces For Hidden Circles (Utech /ARC 08/US/CD) 2007

Awake In The Wuthering Heights (Spaltung/Ger/CDR/2012)
SINGS! (plunk's plan/ppcdr08/CDR/JPN) 2011
Ode To A Blue Ghost (plunk's plan/PPCDR004/JPN/CDR) 2009
November 10 2001 (plunk's plan CDR 001/JPN/CDR) 2002

V.A./Jesus Is A Dying Bed Maker (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR)2010
V.A./Guitar Hero Japan (WFMU/US/CDR) 2009
V.A./Four Dimentions Rwist 2 (Rouman/JPN/CD) 2008
V.A./Night Gallery 3 (Alchemy/JPN/CD) 2005
V.A./Four Dimentions Twist (Roman/JPN/CD) 2005
V.A./etecetera (Bird Palor Records/JPN/2CDR) 2005

Otomejima No Otome (Blacest Rainbow-plunk's plan/LP-CD/UK-JP/2015)
Usobue (plunk's plan-8MM/CD-LP/JP-IT/2014)
Hitoyogiri (Important Records/-/CD/US) 2011
Chofu, Ekoda, Koenji (plunk's plan/PPCD002/CD/JPN) 2010
All About Mimi (PSF Records/PSFD188/CD/JPN) 2009

Live at Penguin House in Tokyo 2013 (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR/2013)
Live Performance 2012+1 (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR) 2012
Morning Dew, Earth Droplets (plunk's plan/JPN/CDR) 2011
Live Performances 2009 (-/JPN/CDR) 2009
Live Performances 2007 (-/JPN/CDR) 2008
It Will Be New Miminokoto (-/JPN/CDR) 2007 deleted

-20 Guilders
Split with We Have Heaven (Nod & Smile Records/US/LP/2013)
New & Wrong Songs for Patricia (Gulden Muziek/JPN/CD) 2011
20 Guilders (Gyuune Cassette/JPN/CD) 2010

Wrong Songs For Patricia (Sloow tapes/BEL/Cassette)2009
Patricia (-/JPN/CDR) 2008
20 Guilders (-/JPN/CDR) 2007

Nasca Car/Last recorded album (Nasca Car Recordings/JP/CD/2013)
POURING HIGH WATER/Bring Me the Head Of Pegg Legged Antonio(plunk's plan/PPCDR006/CDR-ltd120) 2010
Astral Travelling Unity/Studio & Live (aRCHIVE 027/US/CD) 2006
Astro+Suzuki Junzo/Cosmic Blues Experience (plunk's plan CD001/JPN/CD) 2006
Overhang Party/Live Before & After (There/Musik Atlach TRCD-MA002-003/JPN/2CD) 2006
Nasca Car/Live At Earthdom (-/CDR/JPN) 2006 deleted
Suzuki Junzo+KANAMI suzuki/Tulsa (plunk's plan CDR 003) 2005 deleted
Suzuki-Nagakubo-Morohashi/August 15 2002 (plunk's plan CDR 002)2002 deleted
V.A./Twenty Years One Second (WFMU-Janitor Of Mars/US/CDR] 2004 deleted *Suzuki Nagakubo Morohashi

For Promoters, YOU CAN CONTACT SUZUKI JUNZO DIRECTLY about BOOKING all over the world info@suzukijunzo.org

For promoters interested in booking Suzuki Junzo in the UK and Europe, please contact Michel Henritzi at m_henritzi@club-internet.fr

For promoters interested in booking Suzuki Junzo in the US and Canada, Please contact Scott Verrastrro at scottverrastro@gmail.com

For bookings in other territorie s and all other enquiries, please contact Suzuki Junzo at info@suzukijunzo.org

He Began His Musical Activity on 1993 as Vocalist & Harmonica Player Of Blues band.
1997 He began to play Guitar on the stage, along side of activity of Blues Band, he start his soro performance with Guitar and Voices.
Gradually His Blues band play kind of broken blues including feeling of Free Jazz/Improvisation.
at tat time the band play at MANDA-LA(Kichijoji,Tokyo),Club251(Shimokitazawa,Tokyo),Jirokichi(Koenji,Tokyo)..

He began series event called Plunk's plan.
Organaizes many gig event around Tokyo Underground and play solo performances.

Issued suzuki Junzo CDR [November 10 2001]from plunk's plan
・Formed Suzuki-Nagakubo-Morohashi
with Nagakubo Ryuichi (Ucyu Engine ex C.C.C.C.)and Shigeki Morohashi (OVERHANG PARTY,ex.Bloom Dusters)
Issued suzuki-nagakubo-morohashi CDR [August 15 2002] from plunk's plan
Touring West Japan.

Touring West Japan as Solo and Trio
He Began to collaborate with other Musician
Koji Shimura(AMT/miminokoto ex.High Rise,Mainliner,White heaven),Ikuro Takahashi(Fushitsusya,LSD-march...),Fumio Kosakai(Incapacitants,HijoKaidan,Ucyu-Engine)

Touring West Japan as Solo and Trio
suzuki-nagakubo-morohashi Join the V.A CDR [Twenty Years One Second] from WFMU Janitor of Mars
・In May He played with JOJO Hiroshige(HijoKaidan) as Guitar Improv Duo
He began to corraborated with YOKAI TAKAHASHI (Prostitute ex.Les Rallizes denudes)

Suzuki Junzo Join The compilation [Night Gallery 3] from Alchemy records (CD/Jpn)
・He Join MARBLE SHEEP as Guitarist for One GIG on June
・Formed Duo Unit with Tokyo Based Bassist Kanami Suzuki(now she plays in Muja, Electric Rainbow Band)
Issued Suzuki junzo + Suzuki Kanami CDR [Tulsa] from plunk's plan (sold out)
・In August He played with Makoto Kawabata's Tsurubami and Trio unit with Makoto Kawabata and Futoshi Okano.
・Formed Suzuki Junzo & Cosmic BluesExperience with Kanami Suzuki(B),ASTRO(Synth),Sachiko(Voice/Violin)
・Join Astral Traveling Unity whichi Led By Hiroshi Hasegawa (Aka ASTRO) as Guitarist.
Suzuki Junzo Join The Compilation [Four Dimention Twist] from Roman Records (CD/Jpn-Sold out)

・Formed Duo Unit with ASTRO
Issued ASTRO & SUZUKI JUNZO [Cosmic Blues Experience]from plunk's plan (CD/JPN)
・Join Nasca Car as Guitarist
・Join OVERHANG PARTY as Guitarist and Touring West Japan and Europe(Oct-Nov France,Belgium,Holland,Switzerland)
Issued [Live Before and After] as OVERHANG PARTY from Musik Atlach/There (2CD/JPN) he play Guitar on Disk1
as Astral Traveling Unity Issued [Studio And Live] from aRCHIVE Records (US/US)
・Began Duo Collaborated with Makoto Kawabata(Acid Mothers Temple)

・Join Koji Shimura's MIMINOKOTO as Voice and Guitar
and Issued [It will be New miminokoto] (CDR/JPN-sold out]
・after touring west japan,he quit OVERHANG PARTY.
・Formed 20Guilders with Mitsuru Tabata (AMT/ZENI GEVA/LBM)
as Nasca car Issued [Live at EARTHDOM] (CDR/JPN-sold out]
・from 19th July to 3rd August Suzuki Junzo Touring as solo with Acid Mothers Temple and Cosmic Inferno.
He play Duo with Makoto Kawabata at Fukuoka.
・Miminokoto started recording session for their next album.
・20GUILDERS (Duo with TABATA from ZENI GEVA/AMT/LBM) touring west jpn on November.
and they set up their own myspace site. http://www.myspace.com/20guilders
For Short western JPN Tour, 20Guilders Issued their 1st CDR [20 Guilders] (CDR/JPN)
Suzuki Junzo Issued his unaccompnied guitar solo album [Pieces for Hidden Circles] from Utech Records(CD/US)

・Wire Choose Suzuki's 'Pieces For Hidden Circles' as their Office Ambient.
・MIMINOKOTO Put out their live EP 'Live Performances 2007'
・On April, ASTRO/Suzuki/TOMO join SPECTRUM (Pete Kember ex.SPACEMEN 3)'s 1st Japan GIG at EARTHDOM.
・On June, Touring and doing a recording Session in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
・On July, Nasca Car plays Full Member(2 Guitar, 2 drums! No Bassist!) at EARTHDOM.
Suzuki Junzo Join The Compilation [Four Dimention Twist 2] from Roman Records (CD/Jpn)
・On July, Aug Suzuki Support Seven that Spells(Croatia)/Mason Jones(US)'s Japan Tour in Tokyo. Suzuki Join as MIMINOKOTO, Trio with ASTRO, TOMO.
・On Oct, Suzuki Support IGNATZ(BEL) Japan Tour Organaized by Michishita Shinsuke(LSD-March) in Tokyo as 20 GUILDERS.
・Suzuki Toured West japan (Kyoto/Kobe/Himeji) as Solo, Himeji's gig was celebrating the release of Fou Dimentions Twist 2.
・On Dec, Suzuki Supported Tetragrammaton's 1st album Release party as Duo with ASTRO.

20 GUILDERS issued 2nd EP 'PATRICIA' from their own.
・20 GUILDERS Touring Kyoto/Himeji/Kobe/Osaka/nagoya celebrating their 2nd EP release.
MIMINOKOTO Issued Their 1st Album 'All About MIMI' from PSF Records after Suzuki Join. Did the release party gig with TETRAGRAMMATON with ASTRO.
・20 Guilders Join ENBAN JANBOREE for the First time in O-NEST in Shibuya.
・On September Suzuki did 2 GIGS with Makoto Kawabata as DUO.(Himeji/Kobe)
Suzuki Issued 2nd full length 'Ode to a Blue Ghost' from plunk's plan.
MIMINOKOTO Issued Their Dick7s Picks called 'Live Performances 2009'
・MIMINOKOTO Toured Kyoto/Himeji/Kobe for Celebrating the release of ALL ABOUT MIMI.
20 Guilders Issued 'Wrong Song for Patricia' from Belgium Cassette label Sloow tapes.
・On Dec, MIMINOKOTO did Special Gig with makoto kawabata in koenji.
・20 GUILDERS did special Gig joined by Kawabata, Hiroshi Higashi. People called us '40 Guilders'.

・Suzuki Formed A Bew Unit 'POURING HIGH WATER' with TOMO(Hurdy Gurdy from Tetragrammaton), a'qui avec Gabriel.
plunk's plan Issued 2 titles Pouring High Water's 1st EP 'Bring me the head of pegg legged Antonio'and Compilation 'Jesus Is A Dying bed maker'.
・Celebrating This dbl Release, Pouring High Water/a'qui avec Gabriel Toured Nagoya,Kyoto,Kobe. Pouring high Water joined by makoto kawabata on Kobe's GIG.
・on March, MIMINOKOTO issued their 2nd Album 'Chofu, Ekoda, Koenji' from plunk's plan.
also 20 GUILDERS joined 3 songs for 'Four-Dimentions Twist 3' putteing out from Lowman Rec.
・Suzuki Formed Samm Bennett's Ghost Steppers with SAMM BENNETT/TOMO/Yuichi Ushioda. We Play Pre-War Blues/Country/Appalachian Mountain music. Suzuki plays Blues Harmonica.
・Suzuki Joined Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Cosmic Blues band as Lead Vocalist.
・Suzuki joined The Battle Of Acid mothers Temple held in Akihabara GOODMAN as Vocalist of AMTMCB.
Suzuki Issued His third Full length 'Buried Sky, Spider Torn to pieces' from plunk's plan! and he toured Kyoto/Gifu/Kobe(as MIMINOKOTO)/Koenji/Roppongi/Yokohama!
・Pouring High Water Start recording session for their 1st album from plunk's plan.

・plunk's plan issued young japanese finger picker Yuichi Ushioda's 1st Album 'Between The Strings'. Produced by Suzuki Junzo. 
・Miminokoto released Studio Recording EP 'Morning Dew, Earth Droplets' from plunk's plan.
・20 Guilders re-issued their live compilation album from Sloow tapes as 'New & Wrong Songs for Patricia' from their own 'Gulden Muziek'. and they toured West-Jpn/Kyushu for week.
・Suzuki Toured many times in JPN with Yuichi Ushioda for cerebrating his release.
・Miminokoto put out their new album 'HITOYOGIRI' from Important Records and toured West JPN.
・Suzuki Toured in EU/UK first time as Solo. UK, Belgie, Norway, Porto, Spain.
Suzuki's new Live EP 'SINGS!' is putting out from plunk's plan. This album is recorded live in Hikone 5 days after terrible Disaster in fukushima. Focused on Vocal and Guitar. last Track of this album, Makoto Kawabata of Acid Mothers Temple plays great fuzz guitar.
・in Dec. plunk's plan issued Ushioda Yuichi's 2nd Album '8songs'. and toured in JPN.

・Miminokoto issued their latest live recordings as 'Live performance 2012+1' from plunk's plan in March.
・in May Suzuki Junzo's second solo album 'ode to a blue ghost' is Re-Issued from UTECH RECORDS with one bonus track.
・Suzuki do Solo Recording in Sapporo with Ikuro Takahashi (Fushitsusya, Kousokuya, LSD-march), Richhorner's Black Snow Flake sound.
・In Aug, Miminokoto Tuored West japan with takeyari Shunta for celebrating Takeyari7s New Release from Suzuki's own plunk's plan label.
*Suzuki's New Album 'EIGHT-SIDED INFINITY' is putting out form his own plunk's plan recordings.
*In Oct Suzuki toured around EU/UK. 'Ode to a Blue ghost tour' UK/FR/ES/PO/GER/BEL, 13gigs and some recordings.
*Suzuki's New Live EP 'Awake in the Wuthering Heights' is putting out from Spaltung in germany.
*In Nov to Dec, Suzuki toured in United States for the first time, 12 gigs from NYC to San fransisco including WFMU radio Show.

*Miminokoto Issued their latest live Document as 'Live in penguin House in Tokyo 2013 from plunk's plan in march.
*in Aug, Miminokoto toured West japan with takeyari Shunta.
*In Oct, Suzuki junzo toured UK/EU again, 'SINGS II/Portrait of Madeleine Elster Tour 2013' (16 GIGS)
*In Nov, Suzuki Junzo's New Album 'Sings II' is putting out from Nod & Smile Records via LP/CD. This album is more focused on SINGING accompnied with makoto Kawabata, Ikuro takahashi(LSD March, Fushitsusha, Kousokuya.
*In Nov, Suzuki Juno's Guitar Album 'Portrait of Madeleine Elster' is out from UTECH RECORDS.
*In Nov to Dec, Suzuki Junzo will Touring in United States (15 GIGS).

*20 GUILDERS Release SPLIT LP with philly-based raga-psyche band, WE HAVE HEAVEN from Nod and Smile records, US and West Japan Tour (8 gigs) .
*in April, MIMINOKOTO released their long-awaited New album 'USOBUE' from plunk's plan, LP version will be released from 8MM records, ITALY.
*in June, Suzuki played Bass for Jap-Legendary Psyche rocker Hiroshi from NIPLETS/PORT CUSS, ex les Rallizez de nudes. he now call himself as 'Kun Youri', junzo play bass, Ikuro Takahashi on drums.
*in Oct, Junzo's New Album '7' released from Nod and Smile Records via LP and plunk's plan via CD.
*on Nov, Junzo toured again coast to coast in US (24 GIGS).


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